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February: 2,043
Total: 174,098

Brands: 4,174

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Earn 50% commission for every sale.


Welcome to Aid & Trade

Online directory of legitimate, genuine and reliable dropshippers and wholesale dropship products in UK, USA, Canada and other regions of the world.

Would you like to find out where all the ebay power sellers purchase their products from?
Are you an established business and looking to expand your product line or increase your profits?
Are you looking to sell products on ebay, your own website or other online auctions?
Do you want to earn a part time or even a fulltime income from the comfort of your home?
Are you searching for Dropshippers and Wholesale Dropship products with huge profit margins?

If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions then you have come to the right place.

Aid & Trade is the Answer to all your Dropshipping Needs.

The reality

Today a growing number of individuals, allured by the profit making opportunities are trying to make a living by trading online and offline. Success stories though, have been few and far in between - according to industry estimates almost 90% of those who venture into this line of business balk under the adverse and challenging realities of this competitive medium. Sheer tenacity of a few leads them to a conservative reevaluation of their "optimistic" goals, but most others are forced into an unwilling exit from the wholesale trading and dropshipping business.

Why more disappointments and less success stories?

We believe that the primary reason for these unfortunate cases is not the weakness in the business plan or the lack of commitment on the part of those behind the idea, but rather it is inadequate and unreliable information. These businesses failed because they could not manage to locate genuine and legitimate wholesale and dropshipping companies or dropshippers supplying the kind of niche goods that actually generate not only high number of sales but extremely high profits too.

Why Aid & Trade

This is where our worldwide dropshippers directory comes into play. We understand and appreciate your dropshipping and wholesale drop ship sourcing needs; we have invaluable experience gathered through helping individuals like yourself achieve success in this competitive business; and we are committed to providing you with essential information regarding the latest dropshippers and dropshipping related news and drop ship sources that will aid you in living up to your aspirations.

How we do it

Our dedicated and experienced research team has spent numerous hours online, offline, visiting trade exhibitions, dropshippers premises and battering through hundreds of trade and wholesale journals and articles to locate the dropshippers and drophipping suppliers you have not been able to find so far. Over the years our team has grown in strength and commitment, constantly striving to provide you with the best dropshippers, an improved set of wholesale products and support services.

At Aid & Trade, you will gain access to genuine, authentic and top wholesale dropshippers, their products, price lists, special offers and more. The directory is full of very useful information about these dropshippers; the information is presented in a user friendly format and is supported by powerful search features; the information is augmented by intelligent data mining in the form of regularly generated lists of popular dropship products, most profitable products and latest and new dropshippers. Please visit our members area preview section to gain a first hand experience of how your membership with us can increase your chances of success whether online or offline.

Worldwide Dropshipping Directory Genuine and Authentic Dropshippers
Expose your business to thousands of members Directly contact dropshippers all over the world
Complete company profile listing Post your requirements and orders to dropshippers
List your entire product inventories Millions of drop ship products to chose and sell from
Fulfill orders left by our members Instant access and 24x7 support
Receive feedback directly from our members Regular updates by our dedicated research staff

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Featured Products

Ipog 1 gb Dropship
RRP: $499.99
Wholesale: $259.72

Ipog 1 gb Dropship
RRP: $249.99
Wholesale: $162.70

Home Theatre System Dropshippers
Theatre System
RRP: $249.99
Wholesale: $94.59

Dropship Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras
RRP: $129.99
Wholesale: $43.73

Scooter Dropshippers
RRP: $99.99
Wholesale: $52.30

Watch Clock Dropshippers
Brand Watches
RRP: £129.99
Wholesale: £11.99

DVD Dropshipping
100 DVD's
RRP: $499.00
Wholesale: $99.99

Jewelery Dropshippers
Jewelery Necklace
RRP: £24.99
Wholesale: £3.50

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