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  Wicca for beginners

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An enchanting introduction to wicca. Curious about wicca, but not sure what its really all about? Youre not alone. Wicca is one of todays fastest- growing religions, but with so much rapid growth has come a lot of inaccurate and incomplete information. For anyone new to wicca, it can be hard to sort out fact from fiction. Wicca for beginners sets the record straight about what wicca is - and what it isnt. This primer on the craft covers basic wiccan beliefs and practices, with the information in each chapter building on the knowledge and skills youve learned along the way: trance, meditation, and pathworking ethics from a wiccan perspective altars, tools, and other magical items creating meaningful, personal rituals spell casting, including tips for writing your own spells wicca for beginners also examines some of the modern wiccas most common - and sometimes contentious - issues, including the pros and cons of practising solitary, finding teachers and groups you can trust, and media and cultural stereotypes of witches. Explore this peaceful, earth based religion for yourself, and open your-self to an enchanting new world of possibilities.


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