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  The firecracker wizards magic wand

Retail Price: 16.50
Wholesale Price:    9.50
Your Profit: 7.00

The firecracker - a very elegant and sophisticated wand for those complicated spells. Handcrafted by our master wand makers, this wand is truely in a class of its own. At 14 long, it comes in its own silk-lined presentation box, together with a lucky card. Forged in the magical fires of the sheaf field hamlet, the master wand-making elves have truly surpased themselves with this masterpiece. Hand crafted, hand turned and varnished twice, and with that added brass finishing detailing, it is indeed a pleasure to behold. Warm to the touch, wizard wands will be mastered only by a young wizard dedicated to a life of magic and mystery. Hand crafted wizard wands - a pleasure to behold and a pleasure to use. Please note! These magic wands are meant as toys, collectables and props for magicians only. They will not give the user any special powers, abilities, etc!


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