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  Lightning power wand

Retail Price: 31.99
Wholesale Price:    15.52
Your Profit: 16.47

Absolutely stunning 100% lead free pewter wand with a quality multi faceted austrian crystal set into the tip. Holding the crystal is a decorative design with a lightning symbol on it, signifying the wands power. Lightning has always been a symbol of wonder and power. Trnasformation, action, fire energy. The base has a small leaf like design. The whole wand measures approx 8 long with the crystal tip approx 1 long. It comes in a clear plastic tube capped either end with: a certificate of authenticity. A leaflet with love, healing protection, creativity and abundance spells. A 16 page booklet giving the buyer information on the wand, how to use it, consecrate and charge it. There is also information on gemstones used in wands and magic and ethics. These wands contain 5% pure silver.


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