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  Fortune Ball

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The Amazing Fortune Ball was Novelty Gift of the Year 2006! Fortune Prediction for Your Love-Life,Wealth & Wellbeing. Amazing fortune system showing daily and future readings,unique to your birth. It is the most exciting development in Fortune Prediction and understanding of the Self for centuries. The heart of the Fortune crystal ball is a computerised Fortune Prediction System, which draws on our birthday data to tell us as much perhaps as we can know about our personal rhythms and moods on any given day. With its help we can navigate temporarily rough seas and look ahead to calmer waters and sunlit places. Reveals predictions in three areas of your life; Your Love life,wealth & Wellbeing. Ideal for your a home or office gift. Beautiful Ambient Light. 100mm Solid Crystal Ball. High Quality Craftmanship. PC & Internet link for future updates. This amazing Fortune Crystal Ball makes a fantastic gift or Birthday present. Fantastic range of Gadgets, Office Toys & Gifts from Toys Games Gifts.


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