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Electronics Dropshipper

It was formed in April 1999. The intention was to provide a premier service company for the supply and distribution of Trade Computer Components. (The business has since been incorporated on 1st April 2003) Following a successful career for both within the food industry, it was clear that the PC component distribution market had room for a supplier with the disciplines to which Lisa and Simon had become accustomed to providing as second nature. Having previously supplied all the major supermarkets with high quality, high value products it became a natural progression to offer the same service levels demanded by previous customers to their new customers. We have always provided the service that many promise but fail to deliver. This is due to investment in both technology and people to attain the highest standard. At an early stage we realized that our technology could assist us in breaking the mould of the average distributor and so we invested in the Genesis system produced by SIS Solutions Ltd. This software was, and still is the most advanced software package available for our industry and as such we could immediately lead the field by becoming early adopters.

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