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  Wild safari extreme flexi track set

Retail Price: $20.99
Wholesale Price:    $17.97
Your Profit: $3.02

This amazing flexi track set comes with everything you need to get you going. You can put this track anywhere, inside on the floor, outside on the grass, or even in the dirt and mud, its even great in a sandbox!!! (All you do is build up the sand into mounds and place the track over the hills and gulleys). When you want to take it inside, just hose the track off and hang it on the line to dry. The track is so flexible that you can twist and turn it in a variety of ways to make any number of configurations. The wild safari car set flexi track is bright and colorful. Both girls and boys will enjoy playing with this set. Wild safari comes with one electric car. The car is powered by one aa battery. The car flys around the track, up over plastic molded hills, through the crocodile and snake park and around dinosaur hills. When the car passes by the crocodile, he opens his mouth and makes noises while the snake jumps out from the nearby rock. The crocodile action is powered by two aa batteries located beneath the passage. The wild safari electric car set comes with many accessories: hills, mounds, bridges, crocodile and snake, one car, trees, gates, dinosaur hills, and signs and lamps. Wild safari is great. Its fun, not messy and the kids are sure to love playing with it.


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