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  Prolab creatine, 300g + 300g free

Retail Price: $23.50
Wholesale Price:    $17.79
Your Profit: $5.71

Prolab nutritions creatine monohydrate is produced in germany in an iso 9000 and 9001 certified factory. An iso certification is the highest award a laboratory or factory can achieve. It surpasses the standards of otc and even surpasses the strict standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing. A certificate of analysis is printed on each bottle. Now, for a limited time only, when you buy a 300 gram bottle you will receive another 300 gram bottle for free! Editors note: in the last decade, creatine monohydrate has become an essential for many bodybuilders and power lifters and impurity free creapure creatine is the best creatine powder available. With another free 300 gram bottle, this deal is too good to pass up! Serving size: 1 teaspoon (5g). Servings per 300gm container: 200. Container: - 120. Creatine monohydrate - 5g. Directions: during the loading phase take one rounded teaspoon (5 grams) 4 times per day (20 grams total) for 5 days. For maintenance period, take one rounded teaspoon (5 grams) 2 times daily. Dissolve in juice or water.


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