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Decorative Products Dropshipper

Decorative Products Dropshipper

For over 14 years, the professionals at our company have produced handcrafted, boutique-quality, gourmet and specialty gift arrangements for florists, basketeers, gift shops, catalogers, and Internet retailers alike. Driving sales, building loyalty and increasing repeat business is what we do best. And we complement this winning formula with service and support that’s second to none. Every day, more and more businesses just like yours are turning to Gift Fulfillment Services to dependably drop-ship hot new products that help you attract – and retain – new customers. With our vast stock of quality gift arrangements, there’s no need to commit to inventory costs or warehousing expenses. You can relay, modify and confirm orders all online. And, best of all, you can access our Web-based fulfillment system as if it were your own… tracking shipments, monitoring inventory levels and servicing your customers with priority response.

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