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  Creatine select

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Beverly international creatine select plus phosphates provides superior creatine uptake and retention system for fat free mass and strength gains! Creatine select can help you build muscle faster than ever before. Lift heavier. Get more reps.Take less rest between sets. Nutrition facts: serving size (scoop) 1. Servings per 41. Calories 20. Total fat (g) 0. Cholesterol (mg) 0. Sodium (mg) 60. Potassium (mg) 310. Total carbs (g) 5. Sugars (g) < 1. Creatine (g) 5. Maltodextrin (g) 5. Potassium phosphate 700mg. Sodium phosphate 300mg. Suggested use: mix 1 rounded scoop in 4-6 oz of water.


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